Extent of Disease 2018

Extent of Disease (EOD) is a set of three data items that describe how far a cancer has spread at the time of diagnosis. EOD 2018 is effective for cases diagnosed in 2018 and later.

In each EOD schema, valid values, definitions, and registrar notes are provided for

  • EOD Primary Tumor
  • EOD Lymph Nodes
  • EOD Mets
  • Summary Stage 2018
  • Site-Specific Data Items (SSDIs) including grade pertinent to the schema

EOD Schema List

See below for more infomation about schemas.

EOD Schema List

Click the EOD Schema List button to display a list of the 121 EOD schemas. Click the name of the schema for more information. The following is provided for each schema

  • General information
    • ICD-O-3 topography and histology combinations that are included in the schema, with any necessary schema discriminators
    • Notes related to the entire schema
  • Data Items
    • Standard data items, such as Primary Site [#400] and Behavior [#523]
    • Data items with site specific definitions, such as EOD Primary Tumor [#772] and SS2018 [#764]
    • Site specific data items (SSDIs) that apply to the schema, such as ER Summary [#3827] for breast and PSA Lab Value [#3920] for prostate
    • Clicking a data item name will display the data item notes and valid code list
  • Staging Method, or calculation algorithms, defined for the schema, for example
    • Summary Stage 2018 which calculate Derived SS2018 [#762]
  • Outputs, or the data items that can be calculated for the schema
EOD Schema List

Staging Calculator

Use the staging calculator to determine the correct schema and calculate the Derived Summary Stage 2018 [#762].

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