EOD v1.3 changes:

While specific schemas note that the schema should be re-calculated with the new algorithm, it may be easier to run all the 2018 and later cases through the algorithms again to ensure all changes to derivations are applied.

  • Breast:
    • Estrogen Receptor Total Allred Score [#3828] and Progesterone Receptor Total Allred Score [#3916] status for NPRC changed to not required. These are required if available only.
    • Note added to Tumor Size validation tables noting exception to the rounding rules for sizes under 2 mm.
  • Brain, CNS Other, Intracranial Gland: Schema assignment for C700-C729, C751-C753 for all histologies with behavior = 0 or 1 changed to be these schemas. AJCC Chapter Calculation tables updated to include these combinations.
    Recommend all C700-C729, C751-C753 with behavior = 0 and 1 be re-examined as schema may have changed.
    Also, Behavior = 2 was removed from the AJCC Chapter Calculation tables for these schema as it is invalid with these site codes.
  • Cervical Lymph Nodes and Unknown Primary Tumor of the Head and Neck: Continuation of v1.2 change, AJCC Chapter Calculation changed to not allow behavior = 2 for ANY histology (v1.2 only changed histologies related to AJCC Chapter) as ‘in situ’ and ‘lymph nodes positive’ are conflicting states.
    If you have any C760 with behavior = 2, you should review as these would need Schema Discriminator 1 set, which would change the schema
  • Colon: Microsatellite Instability (MSI) [#3890] status for NPRC changed to not required. This is required if available only.
  • Ill-Defined Other: Summary Stage 2018, Note 5 was modified by having '5' removed. 5 is no longer a valid code in any Summary Stage chapter.
  • Lymphoma CLL/SLL: fixed name for NCCN International Prognostic Index (IPI) [#3896]
  • Prostate: Number of Cores Positive [#3898] code of "00- All examined cores negative" was added.
  • Testis: S Category Clinical [#3923] and S Category Pathological [#3924] were changed to be required by NPCR.
  • General: SSDIs that are shown in NAACCR Volume II, Chapter VIII as being RC for SEER were changed to not be required by SEER.
  • General: Schema and SS2018 both reference the Summary Stage 2000 manual. The website for the manual was updated.