Determine Combined Prefix


**Note 1:** Combined Source of 1 or 2 indicate the Combined fields is based on the Clin field or Path field respectively. Combined Source of 3 indicates a combination of data was used to set the Combined value. For example, 4a and 4b were combined to derive 4c. The prefix will be set to 'p'. Combined Source of 9 indicates the source is Unknown. It should only occur if the value is 88. No prefix will be set. **Note 2:** If the source is 1, but there is no clinical prefix, c will be used. Similarly, if the source is 2, but there is no path prefix, p will be used.
Source T clin_t_prefix path_t_prefix cmb_t_prefix
1 <BLANK> <Any value> c
1 c, p <Any value> {{clin_prefix}}
2 <Any value> <BLANK> p
2 <Any value> c, p {{path_prefix}}
3 <Any value> <Any value> p
9 <Any value> <Any value> <BLANK>