The information that you see on this site is made available in multiple ways for use in your own software. If you just want to manually try out staging or just need to do a handful of cases you can use the Staging Calculator.

API Access

If you have a reliable internet connection then you can access this data via the SEER API. This will allow you to access the latest data as soon as it is published. Access only requires that you create an account to obtain your API key. More information about the SEER API can be found at:

Open source libraries are available for a few common programming languages. Although not required, they provide an easy way to incorporate the API data in a form that is native to your language.

Staging Libraries

If you do not always have access to an internet connection you can use a staging library to access the data. The following libraries provide you with a portable snapshot of the data. New versions of these libraries will be released as new data is published.