Site-Specific Factor 12

High Risk Features


**Note 1:** For TNM 7th staging, the T category is not only dependent on tumor size but also on several high-risk features that can upgrade the T category. **Note 2:** Based on the information in the medical record, the registrar is required to count and code the number of high risk features (each feature equals 1 risk factor). If specific information is available about some but not all of the high risk features, count the number of features documented in the record. * Poorly differentiated/Undifferentiated (grade 3 or 4) * Depth greater than 2 millimeters (mm) thickness * Clark level IV or V * Perineural invasion **Note 3:** Use codes 991, 992, and 993 only if no specific information is available about the high risk features, but the record contains a general statement about the presence of high risk features.




NAACCR #2866


Code Description
000 No high risk features
001 1 high risk feature
002 2 high risk features
003 3 high risk features
004 4 high risk features
988 Not applicable: Information not collected for this case
991 Stated as less than 2 high risk features
992 Stated as 2 or more high risk features
993 Stated as high risk features, NOS
998 No histologic examination of primary site
999 Unknown or no information
Not documented in patient record