TNM v1.6 changes:

  • There was a bug in the calculation of Combined N for the Colon schema. This manifested only in the C++ library and resulted in errors being returned when the calculation of Combined N was attempted. It has been corrected.
  • The Year of Diagnosis validation table was limited to 2016 and 2017.
  • Messages were added to returned Errors to aid in the identification of the conflict.
  • SEER Primary Tumor, SEER Regional Nodes, SEER Mets and Summary Stage 2017 were never defined for 2016-2017. While the fields and template calculation steps were included in the API, they were suppressed in production. These data items and calculation steps have been removed to streamline the API. There should be no impact on the validation tables or calculations being performed.
    The input tags seer_primary_tumor, seer_nodes and seer_mets are no longer valid and should not be passed into the algorithm.