Pediatric v1.0

The field testing version of this API was identified as Toronto Stage and the final version field testing version was Toronto v0.5. Thanks to all the hard work and thoughtful responses by the Kentucky Cancer Registry, who graciously volunteered to perform the field test for us, and by the countless others who reviewed and contributed to the API, significant changes were made to the system.
The extensive scope of these changes has resulted in a greatly improved Pediatric Data Collection System.

However, since these changes included some paradigm shifts, an audit log of changes between Toronto v0.5 field testing and Pediatric v1.0 Pediatric Data Collection System is not practical. Some high level changes are presented here.

  • System name changed from Toronto to Pediatric. Field names which included the word Toronto were changed to be Pediatric
    • Toronto Version Number [9620] is the sole exception. This field captures the version of the Toronto staging upon which the Pediatric Data Collection System is currently based.
  • The age range included in those schemas limited by age changed from 0-19 to the broader 0-39 to be consistent with the NCCR age definitions
  • Where appropriate, the capture of Pediatric staging system components moved from distinct SSDIs into the Pediatric Primary Tumor, Pediatric Regional Nodes and Pediatric Mets fields
  • Calculations based on EOD 2018 fields were removed from the Pediatric Schema stage group algorithms
    • As an aid to those registries where EOD 2018 is collected, conversion tables for Pediatric Primary Tumor, Pediatric Regional Nodes and Pediatric Mets have been added. These tables, which are outside the Pediatric schemas, ingest the Pediatric Schema ID, EOD 2018 Schema ID, and EOD 2018 fields and, where possible, provide the corresponding value for the Pediatric field. Not all combinations have conversions. These tables are provided to reduce the need for double coding when the value of the EOD 2018 fields captures the same meaning as the Pediatric field.
  • Those SSDIs included in the system were reviewed and SSDIs now captured in Pediatric Primary Tumor, Pediatric Regional Nodes and Pediatric Mets were removed, while some additional SSDIs of interest were added