NAACCR Item #3614: Derived SEER Cmb Stg Grp

Item # Length Source of Standard Year Implemented Version Implemented Year Retired Version Retired
3614 5 SEER 2016 16

NAACCR XML: Tumor.derivedSeerCmbStgGrp

This data item is needed to store the results of the derived algorithmic calculation of SEER Combined Stage Group.
Rationale for change proposal (potential benefits of change): The SEER Program is developing an algorithm to calculate clinical and pathologic stage group based on their T, N, and M components and additional information as needed to calculate stage. For example, for thyroid, additional information is needed on histology and age to calculate stage. Once the T, N, and M are known an algorithm can assign the stage group instead of a registrar having to look up the stage. There are also provisions for a separate field for directly assigned stage group if the registrar prefers entering it.
0A Stage 0
0IS Stage 0is
1 Stage I
1A Stage IA
1A2 Stage IA2
1B Stage IB
1B1 Stage IB1
1B2 Stage IB2
1C Stage IC
1S Stage IS
2 Stage 2
2A Stage 2A
2A1 Stage
2A2 Stage IIA2
2B Stage IIB
2C Stage IIC
3 Stage III
3A Stage IIIA
3B Stage IIIB
3C Stage IIIC
3C1 Stage IIIC1
3C2 Stage IIIC2
4 Stage IV
4A Stage IVA
4A1 Stage IVA1
4A2 Stage IV42
4B Stage IVB
4C Stage IV4C
OC Occult
88 Not applicable
99 Unknown
Blank The algorithm has not been run