NAACCR Item #2936: CS Version Derived

Item # Length Source of Standard Year Implemented Version Implemented Year Retired Version Retired
2936 6 AJCC

NAACCR XML: Tumor.csVersionDerived

Alternate Names
   CS Version Latest
This data item is recorded the first time the CS output fields are derived and should be updated each time the CS Derived items are recomputed. The CS version number is returned as part of the output of the CS algorithm.
The CS algorithm may be re-applied to compute the CS Derived items; for example, when the data are to be used for a special study, transmitted, or when an updated CS algorithm is produced. This item identifies the specific algorithm used to obtain the CS Derived values in the data record.
Codes (See the most current version of the Collaborative Stage Data Collection System (,13 for rules and site-specific codes and coding structures.)
CS Version Derived is a 6-digit code (e.g., 010100). The first two digits represent the major version number; the second two digits represent minor version changes; and, the last two digits represent even less significant changes, such as corrections of typographical errors that do not affect coding or derivation results.

This item should not be blank if the CS Derived items contain values. It should be blank if the CS Derived items are empty or the CS algorithm has not been applied.