Collaborative Stage Data Collection System

The Collaborative Stage Data Collection System is a carefully selected, medically relevant set of data items that describe how far a cancer has spread at the time of diagnosis. Collaborative Stage (CS) version 1 became effective for cases diagnosed in 2004. SEER*RSA references version 02.05 which became effective 1-1-2015. SEER made slight modifications to version 02.05 (for example, removing obsolete codes from lists of valid values). The version number in SEER*RSA is 02.05.50 to reflect a slight modification of version 02.05.

Version 2 of CS corresponds to the seventh edition of the AJCC Cancer Staging Manual. Coding of all applicable CS data items allows the CS algorithms to classify each case in multiple staging systems: the sixth edition of the AJCC TNM system (TNM), Summary Stage 1977 (SS77), and SEER Summary Stage 2000 (SS2000).

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