EOD Mets


**Note 1:** Use code 50 only when there are liver metastasis WITH other metastatic involvement. * If there are multiple distant mets but liver is not one of them, code 30. **Note 2:** Use code 70 when the only information is “distant metastasis, NOS,” and there is no documentation regarding the specific metastases. * If there are specific metastasis documented that are not listed in codes 10, 20, or 30, assign code 30 for “other specified distant metastasis.”
Code Description SS2018 M
00 No distant metastasis Unknown if distant metastasis NONE
10 Liver (including liver parenchymal nodule(s)) D
20 Distant lymph node(s) - Hepatoduodenal (all subsites EXCEPT lesser curvature) - Intra-abdominal - Mesenteric (inferior, superior, NOS) - Middle colic - Pancreaticoduodenal (all subsites EXCEPT greater curvature) - Para-aortic - Porta hepatic (portal) (hilar) (in hilus of liver) - Retropancreatic - Retroperitoneal - Distant lymph node(s), NOS D
30 At least one extrahepatic site - Bone - Lung - Ovary(ies) - Peritoneum Other specified distant metastasis (except liver) Carcinomatosis WITH or WITHOUT distant lymph node(s) D
50 Liver WITH other distant metastasis (10) + (20 or 30) D
70 Distant metastasis, NOS D
99 Death Certificate Only U
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