EOD Mets


**Note 1:** A physician’s statement of positive (malignant) pleural effusion or a positive cytology confirming a malignant pleural effusion must be used to code 05. * If the physician feels the pleural effusion is due to tumor, despite negative cytology, the physician’s assessment can be used to code EOD Mets * If pleural fluid cytology is described as suspicious/suspicious for mesothelioma, code 05 * A positive pleural effusion (code 05) should not be coded as present under the Mets at Dx-Other field. Code 0 for Mets at Dx-Other when code 05 is coded in EOD Mets. **Note 2:** In addition to EOD Mets, the following data item is also collected to determine the results of the Pleural Effusion, which include negative, atypical, or Pleural effusion, NOS * Pleural effusion [NAACCR Data Item #3913] **Note 3:** If there is a malignant pleural effusion WITH other mets, code 70.
Code Description SS2018 M
00 No distant metastasis Unknown if distant metastasis NONE
05 Malignant pleural effusion D
10 Distant lymph node - Cervical - Distant lymph node(s), NOS D
70 Contralateral lung Contralateral pleura/chest wall (discontinuous involvement) Lung (discontinuous ipsilateral lung tumors) Mediastinal organs (discontinuous involvement) Peritoneum (discontinuous extension of tumor) Pericardial effusion, malignant (discontinuous involvement) Pleural effusion (malignant pleural fluid) WITH other metastases Carcinomatosis Distant metastasis WITH or WITHOUT distant lymph node(s) Distant metastasis, NOS D
99 Death Certificate Only U
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