Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors

Primary Site Histology
C000-C539, C571-C809 8935-8936


8935-8936 (C000-C539, C571-C809) **Note 1:** The following sources were used in the development of this schema * SEER Extent of Disease 1988: Codes and Coding Instructions (3rd Edition, 1998) ( * SEER Summary Staging Manual-2000: Codes and Coding Instructions ( * Collaborative Stage Data Collection System, version 02.05: * Chapter 43 *Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor*, in the AJCC Cancer Staging Manual, Eighth Edition (2017) published by Springer International Publishing. Used with permission of the American College of Surgeons, Chicago, Illinois. **Note 2:** GIST of the corpus, ovary and fallopian tube are collected in the following: * C540-C549, C559: *Corpus Sarcoma* * C569: *Ovary* * C570: *Fallopian Tube*

Data Items

Name Default Value Used for Staging NAACCR Item Required By Metadata
Year of Diagnosis <BLANK> No NAACCR #390 None
Primary Site <BLANK> Yes NAACCR #400 None
Histology <BLANK> Yes NAACCR #522 None
Behavior <BLANK> Yes NAACCR #523 None
Schema Discriminator 1 <BLANK> Yes NAACCR #3926 All SSDI
Tumor Size Clinical <BLANK> No NAACCR #752 None
Tumor Size Pathological <BLANK> No NAACCR #754 None
Tumor Size Summary 999 Yes NAACCR #756 None
Regional Nodes Positive 99 No NAACCR #820 None
Regional Nodes Examined 99 No NAACCR #830 None
RX Summ Surgery/Radiation Sequence <BLANK> No NAACCR #1380 None
RX Summ Systemic/Surgery Sequence <BLANK> No NAACCR #1639 None
EOD Primary Tumor 999 Yes NAACCR #772 None
EOD Regional Nodes 999 Yes NAACCR #774 None
EOD Mets 00 Yes NAACCR #776 None
SS2018 <BLANK> No NAACCR #764 None
Grade Clinical 9 Yes NAACCR #3843 All SSDI
Grade Pathological 9 Yes NAACCR #3844 All SSDI
Grade Post Therapy <BLANK> No NAACCR #3845 CCCR/Canada
KIT Gene Immunohistochemistry 8 No NAACCR #3865 CCCR/Canada

Initial Context

Staging Methods

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Summary Stage 2018


Additional Context
eod_2018_t = 90
eod_2018_n = 90
eod_2018_m = 90

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  2. ss2018_n

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  1. EOD Mets
  2. ss2018_m

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Name Default Value Description NAACCR Item Metadata
Schema ID 00430 NAACCR #3800
Derived Version {{ctx_alg_version}} None None
Derived Summary Stage 2018 9 NAACCR #762