EOD Regional Nodes

This input is used for staging


**Note 1:** For head and neck schemas, this field includes all lymph nodes defined as Levels I-VII and Other by TNM. **Note 2:** This schema has lymph node codes that are defined as **CLINICAL** assessment only or **PATHOLOGICAL** assessment only. + **CLINICAL** assessment only codes (300, 400) are used when there is a clinical work up only and there is no surgical resection of the primary tumor or site. This includes FNA, core biopsy, sentinel node biopsy, or lymph node excision - *Exception:* If patient has neoadjuvant therapy, and the clinical assessment is greater than the pathological assessment, then the clinical assessment code would take priority + **PATHOLOGICAL** assessment only codes (500) are used when - Primary tumor or site surgically resected with - Any microscopic examination of regional lymph nodes. Includes - FNA, core biopsy, sentinel node biopsy or lymph node excision done during the clinical work up and/or - Lymph node dissection performed + Remaining codes (no designation of **CLINICAL** or **PATHOLOGICAL** only assessment) can be used based on clinical and/or pathological information **Note 3:** If laterality of lymph nodes is not specified, assume nodes are ipsilateral. Midline nodes are ipsilateral. **Note 4:** Supraclavicular lymph nodes can be either Level IV or Level V * Level IV: deep to the sternocleidomastoid muscle, in the lower jugular chain * Level V: in the posterior triangle, inferior to the transverse cervical artery, supraclavicular lymph nodes, NOS **Note 5:** For codes 300, 400, or 500, use the list below for named regional lymph nodes. If the only information available is "regional lymph nodes, NOS" or "lymph nodes," code 800. **The following lymph nodes are regional for Head and Neck tumors** **Level I** - Level IA - Submental - Level IB - Submandibular (submaxillary), sublingual **Level II - Upper jugular** - Jugulodigastric (subdigastric) - Upper deep cervical - Level IIA - Anterior - Level IIB - Posterior **Level III - Middle jugular** - Middle deep cervical **Level IV - Lower jugular** - Jugulo-omohyoid (supraomohyoid) - Lower deep cervical - Virchow node **Level V - Posterior triangle group** - Posterior cervical - Level VA - Spinal accessory - Level VB - Transverse cervical, supraclavicular **Level VI - Anterior compartment group** - Laterotracheal - Paralaryngeal - Paratracheal - above suprasternal notch - Perithyroidal - Precricoid (Delphian) - Prelaryngeal - Pretracheal - above suprasternal notch - Recurrent laryngeal **Level VII - Superior mediastinal group (for other mediastinal node(s), see EOD Mets)** - Esophageal groove - Paratracheal - below suprasternal notch - Pretracheal - below suprasternal notch **Other groups** - Cervical, NOS - Deep cervical, NOS - Facial + Buccinator (buccal) + Mandibular + Nasolabial - Internal jugular, NOS - Parapharyngeal - Parotid + Infraauricular + Intraparotid + Periparotid + Preauricular - Retroauricular (mastoid) - Retropharyngeal - Suboccipital - Regional lymph node(s), NOS - Lymph node(s), NOS **Note 6:** Code 800 if regional lymph nodes are involved, but there is no indication which ones are involved.




Code Description SS2018 N
000 No regional lymph node involvement NONE
300 CLINICAL assessment only Ipsilateral regional lymph node(s) RN
400 CLINICAL assessment only Bilateral or contralateral regional lymph node(s) RN
500 PATHOLOGICAL assessment only Regional lymph node(s) involved RN
800 Regional lymph node(s), NOS Lymph node(s), NOS RN
999 Unknown; regional lymph node(s) not stated Regional lymph node(s) cannot be assessed Not documented in medical record Death Certificate Only U
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