EOD Primary Tumor

This input is used for staging




Code Description SS2018 T
000 In situ, intraepithelial, noninvasive IS
100 Any size tumor with invasion of - Intramucosa, NOS - Lamina propria - Mucosa, NOS - Muscularis mucosae - Submucosa (superficial invasion) Confined to colon, NOS Localized, NOS L
200 Muscularis propria - WITH invasion of lamina propria or submucosa L
300 Extension through wall, NOS Invasion through muscularis propria or muscularis, NOS - Rectum: WITH intraluminal extension to colon and/or anal canal/anus Non-peritonealized pericolic tissues invaded Perimuscular tissue invaded Subserosal tissue/(sub)serosal fat invaded WITHOUT penetration overlying serosa Transmural, NOS Wall, NOS L
400 Adjacent (connective) tissue(s), NOS Fat, NOS Gastrocolic ligament (transverse colon and flexures) Greater omentum (transverse colon and flexures) Mesentery (including mesenteric fat, mesocolon) Pericolic fat Perirectal fat Rectovaginal septum (rectum) Retroperitoneal fat (ascending and descending colon) RE
600 Invasion of/through - Mesothelium - Serosa - Tunica serosa - Visceral peritoneum Colon subsites - Abdominal wall - Adrenal (suprarenal) gland - Bladder - Diaphragm - Fallopian tube - Fistula to skin - Gallbladder - Other segment(s) of colon via serosa - Retroperitoneum (excluding fat) - Small intestine Cecum (C180) - Greater omentum - Kidney - Liver - Ureter Ascending colon (C182) - Greater omentum - Kidney, right - Liver, right lobe - Ureter, right Transverse colon and flexures (C183, C184, C185) - Bile ducts - Gallbladder - Kidney - Liver - Pancreas - Spleen - Stomach Descending colon (C186) - Greater omentum - Kidney, left - Pelvic wall - Retroperitoneal fat - Spleen - Ureter, left Sigmoid colon (C187) - Greater omentum - Pelvic wall Rectosigmoid (C199) - Cul de sac (rectouterine pouch) - Pelvic wall - Small intestine Rectum (C209) - Anus - Bladder (males only) - Cul de sac (rectouterine pouch) - Ductus deferens - Pelvic wall - Prostate - Rectovaginal septum - Rectovesical fat (males only) - Seminal vesicle(s) - Skeletal muscle(s) of pelvic floor - Vagina RE
700 Colon subsites - Ovary(ies) - Uterus Transverse colon and flexures - Ureter Sigmoid colon - Cul de sac (rectouterine pouch) - Ureter Rectosigmoid - Bladder - Colon via serosa - Fallopian tube(s) - Ovary(ies) - Prostate - Skeletal muscle(s) of pelvic floor - Ureter(s) - Vagina Rectum - Bladder (females only) - Bone(s) of pelvis - Cervix - Perineum, perianal skin - Sacrum - Sacral plexus - Urethra Further contiguous extension D
800 No evidence of primary tumor U
999 Unknown; extension not stated Primary tumor cannot be assessed Not documented in medical record Death Certificate Only U
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