EOD Primary Tumor

This input is used for staging


**Note 1:** EOD Primary Tumor for Medulloblastomas is coded **only for single tumors confined to the primary site** (see code 150) or a tumor crossing the midline (see code 250) * *Note:* This is different than how tumors are coded in the Brain, CNS Other and Intracranial Gland tumor schemas. Do not apply these instructions to those schemas, or apply the instructions from those schemas to this schema. **Note 2:** Direct or contiguous extension to an adjacent site is not collected in EOD Primary Tumor for Medulloblastoma. If the only information available is extension to an adjacent site, code EOD Primary Tumor 999 and assign the appropriate EOD Mets. The following are now collected in EOD Mets * Adjacent connective/soft tissue * Adjacent muscle * Bone * Circulating cells in cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) * Major blood vessel(s) * Meninges (e.g.; dura) * Multiple/multifocal tumors * Nerves (cranial, NOS) * Ventricular system




Code Description SS2018 T
050 Benign or borderline brain B
150 All sites * Single tumor with no invasion or seeding to other structures Confined to site of origin, NOS Localized, NOS L
250 Tumor crosses the midline RE
800 No evidence of primary tumor U
999 Unknown; extension not stated Primary tumor cannot be assessed Not documented in medical record Death Certificate Only U
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