EOD Mets

This input is used for staging


**Note 1:** Use code 70 when the only information is “distant metastasis, NOS,” and there is no documentation regarding the specific metastases. * If there are specific metastasis documented that are not listed in codes 15, 25, or 35, or 45, assign code 45 for “other specified distant metastasis.” **Note 2:** Direct or contiguous extension to an adjacent site is now collected in EOD Mets for Medulloblastoma, which include the following * Adjacent connective/soft tissue * Adjacent muscle * Bone * Circulating cells in cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) * Major blood vessel(s) * Meninges (e.g.; dura) * Multiple/multifocal tumors * Nerves (cranial, NOS) * Ventricular system




Code Description SS2018 M
00 No distant metastasis Unknown if distant metastasis NONE
15 Microscopic confirmation of tumor cells present in CSF by cytology (circulating cells in cerebral spinal fluid) D
25 Intracranial spread beyond a single lesion All sites - Bone (skull) (see code 45 for other bone involvement) - Major blood vessel(s) - Meninges (e.g., dura) - Multiple/multifocal tumors - Nerves (cranial, NOS) - Tumor invades or encroaches upon ventricular system Brain tumors (C700, C710-C719) - Anterior cranial fossa - Brain stem - Cerebellum - Cerebrum (cerebral hemisphere) - Contralateral hemisphere - Hypothalamus - Middle cranial fossa - Pallium - Posterior cranial fossa - Suprasellar brain - Tapetum - Thalamus CNS tumors (C701, C709, C720-C729) - Adjacent connective tissue - Adjacent muscle - Brain for cranial nerve tumor(s) - Sphenoid and frontal sinuses(skull) Pineal Gland (C753) - Adjacent connective/soft tissue - Cavernous sinus - Infratentorial and central brain D
35 "Drop" metastasis Gross spinal subarachnoid seeding Visible metastasis in cervicomedullary (junction) D
45 Extra-neural metastasis All Sites - Blood - Bone (other than skull) (see code 25 for skull) - Bone marrow - Carcinomatosis - Distant lymph nodes, NOS - Further contiguous extension - Other specified metastasis Brain tumors (C700, C710-C719) - Nasal cavity - Nasopharynx - Other direct extension outside CNS - Posterior pharynx CNS tumors (C701, C709, C720-729) - Eye D
70 Distant metastasis, NOS D
99 Death Certificate Only U
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