Brain Primary Tumor Location


**Note 1:** This SSDI is effective for diagnosis years 2024+ * For cases diagnosed 2018-2023, leave this SSDI blank **Note 2:** A data item is needed to distinguish between the Pons and all other subsites within the Brain Stem (C717). Code the site in which the tumor arose. * Review of radiology reports and physician’s notes are needed to determine the appropriate code. Needle biopsies and surgery are usually too dangerous for these types of tumors, so the best information will be available from radiology reports


NAACCR #3964


SSDI 2024–
Code Description
1 Pons
2 Subsite other than Pons * Basis peduncle * Cerebral peduncle * Choroid plexus of fourth ventricle * Fourth ventricle, NOS * Infratentorial brain, NOS * Medulla oblongata * Midbrain * Olive * Pyramid
8 Not applicable: Information not collected for this case (If this item is required by your standard setter, use of code 8 will result in an edit error.)
9 Brain stem, NOS Unknown subsite of Brain Stem
<BLANK> Primary Site is NOT C717 Diagnosis year is prior to 2024