EOD Primary Tumor

This input is used for staging


**Note 1:** The cortex of a bone is the dense outer shell that provides strength to the bone; the spongy center of a bone is the cancellous portion. The periosteum of the bone is the fibrous membrane covering of a bone that contains the blood vessels and nerves; the periosteum is similar to the capsule on a visceral organ. **Note 2:** The number of vertebral segments involved by the primary tumor determines the appropriate EOD Primary Tumor (codes 100 through 400). The five vertebral segments used in these codes are: • Body (left) • Body (right) • Pedicle (left) • Pedicle (right) • Posterior element




Code Description SS2018 T
100 Involvement of one vertebral segments L
200 Involvement of two adjacent vertebral segments L
300 Involvement of three adjacent vertebral segments L
400 Involvement of four or more adjacent vertebral segments L
450 Confined to spine, NOS (number of segments involved not known) Localized, NOS L
500 Involvement of nonadjacent vertebral segments RE
650 Spinal canal RE
700 Gross vascular invasion Tumor thrombus in great vessels D
750 Extension beyond periosteum to surrounding tissues, including adjacent skeletal muscle(s) RE
800 No evidence of primary tumor U
999 Unknown; extension not stated Primary tumor cannot be assessed Not documented in medical record Death Certificate Only U
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