CS Mets at DX

Code Description AJCC 7 M AJCC 6 M Summary Stage 1977 M Summary Stage 2000 M
00 No distant metastasis M0 M0 NONE NONE
08 Distant lymph node(s):
For cecum, ascending, hepatic flexure, and transverse colon:
Superior mesentric lymph nodes only
M1 M1 RN D
10 Distant lymph node(s) other than code 08
For all colon sites:
Common iliac
Distant lymph node(s), NOS
External iliac
For cecum, ascending colon, transverse colon, and hepatic flexure:
Inferior mesenteric
For splenic flexure, descending colon, and sigmoid colon:
Superior mesenteric
M1 M1 D D
40 Distant metastasis except distant lymph node(s)
M1 M1 D D
50 40 + (08 or 10)

Distant metastasis plus distant lymph node(s)
M1 M1 D D
60 Distant metastasis, NOS

Stated as M1 with no other information on distant metastasis
M1 M1 D D
99 Unknown; distant metastasis not stated
Distant metastasis cannot be assessed
Not documented in patient record