CS Mets at DX


**Note 1**: Involvement of supraclavicular (transverse cervical) lymph nodes is coded in CS Lymph Nodes. **Note 2**: Cases in which there are no distant metastases as determined by clinical and/or radiographic methods are designated cM0 (use code 00). Cases in which one or more distant metastases are identified by clinical and/or radiographic methods are designated cM1. A case is classified as clinically free of metastasis (cM0) unless there is documented evidence of metastasis by clinical means or by biopsy of a metastatic site (pathologic). Use code 99 if there is no documentation available for any staging assessment, or if there is reasonable doubt that the tumor is no longer localized and there is no documentation of distant metastasis.
Code Description AJCC 7 M AJCC 6 M Summary Stage 1977 M Summary Stage 2000 M
00 No distant metastasis M0 M0 NONE NONE
05 No clinical or radiographic evidence of distant metastasis, but deposits of molecularly or microscopically detected tumor cells in circulating blood, bone marrow or other non-regional nodal tissue that are 0.2 millimeters (mm) or less in a patient without symptoms or signs of metastasis M0(i+) M0 NONE NONE
07 Stated as M0(i+) with no other information on distant metastasis M0(i+) M0 NONE NONE
10 Distant lymph node(s):
Cervical, NOS
Contralateral/bilateral axillary and/or internal mammary
Other than above

Distant lymph node(s), NOS
M1 M1 D D
40 Distant metastasis except distant lymph node(s) (code 10)
M1 M1 D D
42 Further contiguous extension:
Skin over:
Contralateral (opposite) breast
Upper abdomen
M1 M1 D D
44 Metastasis:
Adrenal (suprarenal) gland
Bone, other than adjacent rib
Contralateral (opposite) breast - if stated as metastatic
Satellite nodule(s) in skin other than primary breast
M1 M1 D D
50 (40 - 44) + 10 M1 M1 D D
60 Distant metastasis, NOS

Stated as M1 with no other information on distant metastasis
M1 M1 D D
99 Unknown; distant metastasis not stated
Distant metastasis cannot be assessed
Not documented in patient record