CS Site-Specific Factor 1

FIGO Stage


**Note 1**: The Federation Internationale de Gynecologie et d'Obstetrique (FIGO) stage definitions do not include Stage 0 (Tis) for the fallopian tube. Use code 987 for any case where CS Extension is coded 000. **Note 2**: Code the FIGO stage as stated in the medical record. When lymph node(s) is/are clinically or pathologically positive or metastasis is present, make sure that the FIGO stage reflects the combination of T, N, and M and NOT just the T. If a stage group is stated but it does not specify that it is a FIGO stage, assume that it is a FIGO stage and code it. Do not attempt to code FIGO stage based only on T, N, and M. If you cannot make a determination of stage based on the previous information, use code 999, stage unknown.




NAACCR #2880


Code Description
100 FIGO Stage I [NOS]
120 FIGO Stage IA
150 FIGO Stage IB
170 FIGO Stage IC
200 FIGO Stage II [NOS]
220 FIGO Stage IIA
250 FIGO Stage IIB
270 FIGO Stage IIC
300 FIGO Stage III [NOS]
320 FIGO Stage IIIA
350 FIGO Stage IIIB
370 FIGO Stage IIIC
400 FIGO Stage IV
See code 988

Not applicable for this site
987 Carcinoma in situ (intraepithelial, noninvasive, preinvasive
988 Not applicable: Information not collected for this case
(May include cases converted from code 888 used in CSv1 for "Not applicable" or when the item was not collected. If this item is required to derive T, N, M, or any stage, use of code 988 may result in an error.)
999 FIGO stage unknown