Clinical N

This input is used for staging


**Note 1:** When both the Federation Internationale de Gynecologie et d'Obstetrique (FIGO) stage and regional lymph node detail are available, use the regional lymph node detail in preference to a statement of FIGO stage - see Registrar notes. * If the only information is FIGO III [NOS] or IIIC, assign the appropriate stage and leave clinical T, N, and M blank. If the only information is FIGO stage IV, leave T and N blank and see M **Note 2:** Regional nodes include bilateral and contralateral named nodes. **Note 3:** If the clinician says "adnexa palpated" but does not mention lymph nodes, assume lymph nodes are clinically negative (cN0). **Regional lymph nodes** Aortic Lateral (lumbar) Para-aortic Periaortic Iliac Common iliac External iliac Internal iliac (hypogastric): Obturator Inguinal Intra-abdominal Pelvic Subdiaphragmatic Retroperitoneal, NOS


Clinical N Clinical N Display Description Registrar Notes
cX cNX Regional lymph nodes cannot be assessed Clinical classification criteria met, evaluation done:
Physician unable to assess N
Regional lymph node involvement cannot be determine or findings inconclusive
Physician assigns cNX, no other information available to determine N
c0 cN0 No regional lymph node metastasis Only information available is FIGO Stage I [NOS], IA, IB, IC, II [NOS], IIA, IIB, IIC, IIIA, IIIB
c1 cN1 Regional lymph node metastasis Regional lymph nodes, NOS
Lymph nodes, NOS

Stated as N1
88 88 Not applicable Primary site/histology not TNM defined
In situ case but no pTis is defined by TNM
Death certificate only (DCO) case
<BLANK> BLANK See Registrar Notes Only information available is FIGO Stage III [NOS], IIIC, or IV

Clinical classification criteria not met
Clinical classification criteria met, evaluation done:
No information about diagnostic workup
Results not documented in record
Tumor first detected on surgical resection (no clinical workup)
Evidence of metastatic disease [(cM1) or (pM1)], no other workup