Site-Specific Factor 17

Extranodal Extension of Regional Lymph Nodes


**Note 1:** Code the status of extranodal extension whether assessed clinically or pathologically of any involved regional lymph node(s). * Do not code extranodal extension for any distant lymph node(s) **Note 2:** A statement of the presence or absence of extranodal extension in a pathology report takes priority over clinical assessment. **Note 3:** If nodes are involved but the clinical documentation and/or pathologic documentation does not indicate extranodal extension, assign code 010 (no extranodal extension documented on available reports). **Note 4:** If the only documentation is a reference to clinically or pathologically involved nodes with no reference to extranodal extension, assign code 030 (no physical examination/imaging report and/or no pathology report available).




NAACCR #2871


Code Description
000 No regional lymph nodes involved
010 Extranodal extension not present
Regional nodes described as mobile
020 Extranodal extension present
Regional nodes described as fixed or matted
030 Regional nodes involved, unknown if extranodal extension
988 Not applicable: Information not collected for this case
999 Unknown; regional lymph nodes not stated
Regional lymph nodes cannot be assessed
Not documented in patient record