Site-Specific Factor 2

Durie-Salmon Staging System


**Note 1:** Durie-Salmon staging applies to multiple myeloma (9732) only. For plasmacytomas, (9731 and 9734), use code 987 for not applicable. **Note 2:** The A and B subclassifications reflect the serum creatinine levels at diagnosis. If the A or B subclassification is not noted, use the NOS codes. **Note 3:** Only code the Durie-Salmon stage when the stage is documented in the medical record. **Note 4:** Code the stage as Durie-Salmon when the record states the stage, but does not identify the staging system.




NAACCR #2890


Code Description
010 Durie Salmon Stage IA
020 Durie Salmon Stage IB
030 Durie Salmon Stage INOS
040 Durie Salmon Stage IIA
050 Durie Salmon Stage IIB
060 Durie Salmon Stage IINOS
070 Durie Salmon Stage IIIA
080 Durie Salmon Stage IIIB
090 Durie Salmon Stage IIINOS
987 Not applicable: Use for codes 9731 (Plasmacytoma, NOS) and 9734 (Plasmacytoma, extramedullary)
Not multiple myeloma or plasma cell myeloma (9732)
988 Not applicable: Information not collected for this case
999 Unknown or no information
Not documented in patient record