Site-Specific Factor 1

Tumor Size


**Note 1:** Code the largest dimension of the tumor. Record the actual measurement in tenths of millimeters. **Note 2:** Code the specific tumor size as stated in the medical record. Use code 991 or 992 if the physician's statement about T value is the only information available about the size of the tumor.




NAACCR #2880


Code Description
000 No mass/tumor found
001-979 00.1 - 97.9 millimeters (mm)
(Largest tumor dimension to nearest tenth of mm)

001 0.1 mm
010 1 mm
042 4.2 mm
100 10 mm, 1 centimeter (cm)
103 10.3 mm
980 98.0 mm or larger
988 Not applicable: Information not collected for this case
990 Microinvasion
Microscopic focus or foci only and no size of focus given
991 Described as "less than 5 mm"

Stated as T1 with no other information on size
992 Described as "greater than 5 mm"

Stated as T2 with no other information on size
999 Unknown; size not stated
Size of tumor cannot be assessed
Not documented in patient record