Site-Specific Factor 11

This input is used for staging

Histopathologic Grading


**Note 1:** Histologic grading is used to distinguish between IVA and IVB anatomic stage/prognostic groups. It is of particular importance for mucinous carcinomas (morphology codes 8480, 8481, and 8490). **Note 2:** Select the code for the highest grade from the primary tumor tissue as described on the pathology report prior to neoadjuvant treatment. **Note 3:** The term "undifferentiated" should not apply to mucinous tumors because a tumor that makes mucin is, by definition, differentiated into mucin-producing tumor cells.




NAACCR #2865
Code Description
010 For NON-MUCINOUS tumors:
Well differentiated
Grade 1/4
011 For MUCINOUS tumors:
Grade 1/2
Grade 1/3
Grade 1/4
Low grade
Well differentiated

Stated as Grade 1 with no information on the total number of codes in the grading system
020 For NON-MUCINOUS tumors:
Moderately differentiated
Grade 2/4
021 For MUCINOUS tumors:
Grade 2/2
Grade 2/3
Grade 2/4
Grade 3/3
Grade 3/4
High grade
Moderately differentiated
Poorly differentiated

Stated as Grade 2 or Grade 3 with no information on the total number of codes in the grading system
030 For NON-MUCINOUS tumors:
Poorly differentiated
Grade 3/4
040 For NON-MUCINOUS tumors:
Grade 4/4
988 Not applicable: Information not collected for this case
998 No pathologic confirmation of primary site tumor
999 Unknown or no information
Not documented in patient record