Pathologic T

This input is used for staging


Pathologic T Pathologic T Display Description Registrar Notes
pX pTX Primary tumor cannot be assessed Pathologic classification criteria met, evaluation done:
Physician unable to assess T
Surgical resection of primary tumor, extension not stated
Physician assigns pTX, no other information available to determine T
p0 pT0 No evidence of primary tumor (e.g., histological scar in testis)
pIS pTis Intratubular germ cell neoplasia (carcinoma in situ) In situ, intraepithelial, noninvasive
p1 pT1 Tumor limited to testis and epididymis
WITHOUT vascular/lymphatic invasion;
Tumor may invade tunica albuginea but not tunica vaginalis
Body of testis
Rete testis
Tunica albuginea

No lymphatic vascular invasion or unknown if
lymphatic vascular invasion

Confined to testis, NOS

Localized, NOS
p2 pT2 Tumor limited to testis and epididymis
WITH vascular/lymphatic invasion, OR

Tumor extending through tunica albuginea
WITH involvement of tunica vaginalis
Structures in T1 WITH lymphatic vascular invasion

Surface implants (surface of tunica vaginalis)
Tunica, NOS
p3 pT3 Tumor invades spermatic cord
WITH or WITHOUT vascular/lymphatic invasion
Spermatic cord, ipsilateral
Vas deferens
p4 pT4 Tumor invades scrotum
WITH or WITHOUT vascular lymphatic invasion
Dartos muscle, ipsilateral
Scrotum, ipsilateral

Extension to scrotum, contralateral
Ulceration of scrotum


Further contiguous extension

Stated as T4
88 88 Not applicable Primary site/histology not TNM defined
Death certificate only (DCO) case
<BLANK> BLANK See Registrar Notes Pathologic classification criteria not met
Pathologic classification criteria met, evaluation done:
Results not documented in patient record
No surgical resection of known primary tumor (not T0)
Resection insufficient for site-specific pathologic assessment
No surgical resection of primary tumor and there isn’t a positive biopsy of a structure in the highest T category and highest N category
Evidence of metastatic disease (pM1), no other workup
Only Pathologic Stage Group documented (no T, N, or M information available)