Site-Specific Factor 1



**Note 1:** Code the applicable World Health Organization (WHO) or International Society of Urological Pathology (ISUP) grade as documented in the pathology report for urothelial carcinomas only. Information about urothelial histology and grade may be taken from any section of the pathology report where documented, such as a microscopic description, synoptic template, or final diagnosis. * If the tumor is of mixed histology including urothelial carcinoma, code grade as specified for the urothelial component **Note 2:** Code the WHO/ISUP grade documented in the pathology report prior to neoadjuvant treatment. **Note 3:** If the term low grade (LG) or high grade (HG) is indicated for a urothelial primary, assume it is a WHO/ISUP grade. **Note 4:** If the tumor morphology does not include a urothelial component, use code 987. **Note 5:** If a grade system other than WHO/ISUP is documented for a urothelial primary, code 999.




NAACCR #2880


Code Description
010 Low grade urothelial carcinoma
020 High grade urothelial carcinoma
987 Not applicable: Not a urothelial morphology
988 Not applicable: Information not collected for this case
998 No pathologic examination of primary site
999 Unknown WHO/ISUP grade
Not documented in patient record