Pathologic N

This input is used for staging


**Note 1:** Code only regional nodes and nodes, NOS, in this field. Distant nodes are coded in M (distant metastasis). **Note 2:** Regional nodes include bilateral and contralateral involvement of named nodes. **Note 3:** Size of the largest metastasis in a lymph node must be known to assign N. You may use a physician’s statement of the N category if this is the only information in the medical record. * If the size of the metastasis is not documented, determine the size of the largest involved lymph node as documented pathologically * If the size of the lymph node(s) cannot be determined, assign N1 * Do not code the size of any node(s) assigned in M (distant metastasis)


Pathologic N Pathologic N Display Description Registrar Notes
pX pNX Regional lymph nodes cannot be assessed Pathologic classification criteria met, evaluation done:
Physician unable to assess N
Surgical resection primary tumor, no regional lymph nodes removed
Involvement of regional lymph nodes not documented
Physician assigns pNX, no other information available to determine N
p0 pN0 No regional lymph node metastasis
p1 pN1 Metastasis in a single lymph node 2 cm or less in greatest dimension SINGLE regional lymph node, less than or equal to 2 cm:
Iliac, NOS:
Internal (hypogastric), NOS:
Inguinal, NOS:
Deep inguinal, NOS
Node of Cloquet or Rosenmuller (highest deep inguinal)
Superficial (femoral)
Pelvic, NOS
Sacral, NOS

Size and/or number positive lymph nodes not stated

Regional lymph node, NOS
Lymph nodes, NOS

Stated as N1
p2 pN2 Metastasis in a single lymph node more than 2 cm in greatest dimension, or in multiple lymph nodes SINGLE regional lymph node greater than 2 cm OR
MULTIPLE positive regional lymph nodes

Stated as N2
c0 cN0 Clinically: No regional lymph node metastasis Use only for TNM defined pTis cases where there is a resection of the primary and the nodes are not evaluated pathologically
88 88 Not applicable Primary site/histology not TNM defined
Death certificate only (DCO) case
<BLANK> BLANK See Registrar Notes Pathologic classification criteria not met
No surgical resection of primary tumor and there isn’t a positive biopsy of a structure in the highest T category and highest N category
Evidence of metastatic disease (pM1), no other workup
Only Pathologic Stage Group documented (no T, N, or M information available)