Site-Specific Factor 5

Tumor Regression Grade


**Note 1:** Record the pathologic response to preoperative adjuvant treatment as documented in the pathology report. The response may be called "treatment effect" and will often be stated in terms of a Tumor Regression Grade of 0 to 3. The response may also be characterized in descriptive terms. Consult the pathologist if a different grading system is used. **Note 2:** Tumor regression grade or treatment effect should only be assessed on the primary tumor. **Note 3:** If a response is stated to be present or found but is not described further, use code 990.




NAACCR #2920
Code Description
000 Tumor Regression Grade 0
Complete response: No viable cancer cells
No residual tumor
010 Tumor Regression Grade 1
Moderate response: Single cells or small groups of cancer cells
020 Tumor Regression Grade 2
Minimal response: Residual cancer outgrown by fibrosis
030 Tumor Regression Grade 3
Poor response: Minimal or no tumor kill; extensive residual cancer
988 Not applicable: Information not collected for this case
990 Response present, but degree of response not further described
998 No preoperative treatment or no resection of primary site after preoperative treatment
999 Unknown or no information
Not documented in patient record