Site-Specific Factor 7

Primary Tumor Mitotic Count/Rate


**Note 1:** Mitotic rate/count is assessed on primary melanomas, based on the number of mitotic figures in one square millimeter (mm) surrounding either a "hot spot" with the most mitotic figures or a field with a representative mitosis. **Note 2:** Record the mitotic rate/count as documented in the pathology report. * If there is more than one pathology report for the same melanoma at initial diagnosis and different mitotic counts are documented, code the highest mitotic count from any of the pathology reports * Use code 999 if there is no documentation or no mention of mitotic rate in any pathology report for the same melanoma




NAACCR #2861


Code Description
000 0 mitoses per square millimeter (mm)
Mitoses absent
No mitoses present
001-010 1 - 10 mitoses/square mm
(Exact measurement in mitoses/square mm)

001 1 mitosis per square mm
002 2 mitoses per square mm
010 10 mitoses per square mm
011 11 or more mitoses per square mm
988 Not applicable: Information not collected for this case
990 Stated as "less than 1 mitosis/square mm"
Stated as "nonmitogenic"
991 Stated as "at least 1 mitosis/square mm"
Stated as "mitogenic"
996 Mitotic rate described with denominator other than square millimeter (mm)
997 Test performed, results not in chart
Test performed, quantitative results not stated
998 No histologic examination of primary site
999 Unknown or no information
Not documented in patient record