Site-Specific Factor 1

Size of Lymph Nodes


**Note:** Code the largest diameter, whether measured clinically or pathologically, of any involved regional lymph node(s). Do not code the size of any distant lymph node(s).




NAACCR #2880


Code Description
000 No involved regional nodes
001-979 001 - 979 millimeters (mm)
(Exact size of lymph node to nearest mm)
980 980 mms or larger
988 Not applicable: Information not collected for this case
990 Microscopic focus or foci only and no size of focus given
991 Described as "less than 1 centimeter (cm)"
992 Described as "less than 2 cm" or "greater than 1 cm" or "between 1 cm and 2 cm"
993 Described as "less than 3 cm" or "greater than 2 cm" or "between 2 cm and 3 cm"
994 Described as "less than 4 cm" or "greater than 3 cm" or "between 3 cm and 4 cm"
995 Described as "less than 5 cm" or "greater than 4 cm" or "between 4 cm and 5 cm"
996 Described as "less than 6 cm" or "greater than 5 cm" or "between 5 cm and 6 cm"
997 Described as "more than 6 cm"
999 Regional lymph node(s) involved, size not stated
Unknown if regional lymph nodes involved
Not documented in patient record