LymphomaOcularAdnexa Path N (no UICC definition)


**Note 1:** Peripheral nodes are located in the upper and lower limbs, including axillary and inguinal nodes. Central lymph nodes are located in the trunk, including mediastinal, para-aortic, and mesenteric nodes. **Note 2:** Involvement of peripheral and central lymph nodes, distant nodes for ocular adnexal lymphomas, is coded in Pathologic N and not in Pathologic M. **Note 3:** When coding Regional Nodes Positive and Regional Nodes Examined, only include regional nodes. Do not include distant nodes coded in Pathologic N. If the only information available is for Lymph Nodes, NOS, coded as NX in Pathologic N, assume these are regional nodes for coding Regional Nodes Positive and Regional Nodes Examined. **Note 4:** UICC does not define Lymphoma Ocular Adnexa. A list of all possible Pathologic N values is provided.


Pathologic N Pathologic N Display
pX pNX
p0 pN0
p0I- pN0i-
p0I+ pN0i+
p0M- pN0m-
p0M+ pN0m+
p1MI pN1mi
p0A pN0a
p0B pN0b
p1 pN1
p1A pN1a
p1B pN1b
p1C pN1c
p2 pN2
p2A pN2a
p2B pN2b
p2C pN2c
p3 pN3
p3A pN3a
p3B pN3b
p3C pN3c
p4 pN4
c0 cN0
88 Not Applicable