Site-Specific Factor 3

Number of Regional Lymph Nodes with Extracapsular Tumor


**Note:** Record the information from the pathology report. If no nodes are removed, code 998. If the pathology report is unavailable, use code 997.




NAACCR #2900
Code Description
000 All nodes examined negative for cancer involvement
All nodes examined negative for extracapsular tumor
001-089 1 - 89 nodes positive for extracapsular tumor
(Exact number of nodes with extracapsular tumor.)
090 Nodes positive for extracapsular tumor, number unknown or not stated
988 Not applicable: Information not collected for this case
990 Positive nodes, not stated if extracapsular tumor present
997 Histopathologic examination of lymph nodes performed, results not available
998 No histopathologic examination of lymph nodes
999 Unknown if regional lymph node(s) involved pathologically
Not documented in patient record