Site-Specific Factor 1

FIGO Stage


**Note 1:** The Federation Internationale de Gynecologie et d'Obstetrique (FIGO) stage definitions do not include Stage 0 (Tis) for vulvar cancer. * Use code 987 for in situ cases **Note 2:** Code the FIGO stage as stated in the medical record. When lymph node(s) is/are clinically or pathologically positive or metastasis is present, make sure that the FIGO stage reflects the combination of T, N, and M and NOT just the T. * If a stage group is stated but it does not specify that it is a FIGO stage, assume that it is a FIGO stage and code it * Do not attempt to code FIGO stage based only on T, N, and M * If you cannot make a determination of stage based on the previous information, use code 999, stage unknown




NAACCR #2880


Code Description
100 FIGO Stage I
200 FIGO Stage II
300 FIGO Stage III
400 FIGO Stage IV [NOS]
410 FIGO Stage IVA
420 FIGO Stage IVB
987 Carcinoma in situ (intraepithelial, noninvasive, preinvasive, noninvasive)
988 Not applicable: Information not collected for this case
999 FIGO stage unknown