LymphomaOcularAdnexa Path T (no UICC definition)


**Note 1:** Ocular adnexal lymphomas (OAL) originate in conjunctiva, eyelids, lacrimal gland, lacrimal drainage apparatus, and other orbital tissues surrounding the eye. This schema should not be used for secondary lymphomatous involvement of ocular adnexa or for intraocular lymphomas. **Note 2:** Preseptal eyelid involvement includes infiltration of the outer three layers of the eyelid: skin, subcutaneous connective tissue, and orbicularis oculi muscle. **Note 3:** The orbit is the bony cavity containing the eye, lacrimal gland, lacrimal sac, nasolacrimal duct, extraocular muscles, fat. arteries, veins, and nerves, but no lymphatics. **Note 4:** UICC does not define Lymphoma Ocular Adnexa. A list of all possible Pathologic T values is provided.


Pathologic T Pathologic T Display
pX pTX
p0 pT0
pA pTa
pIS pTis
pISU pTispu
pISD pTispd
p1MI pT1mi
p1 pT1
p1A pT1a
p1A1 pT1a1
p1A2 pT1a2
p1B pT1b
p1B1 pT1b1
p1B2 pT1b2
p1C pT1c
p1D pT1d
p2 pT2
p2A pT2a
p2A1 pT2a1
p2A2 pT2a2
p2B pT2b
p2C pT2c
p2D pT2d
p3 pT3
p3A pT3a
p3B pT3b
p3C pT3c
p3D pT3d
p4 pT4
p4A pT4a
p4B pT4b
p4C pT4c
p4D pT4d
p4E pT4e
88 Not Applicable