LymphomaOcularAdnexa Path M (no UICC definition)


**Note 1:** Involvement of peripheral and central lymph nodes, distant nodes for ocular adnexal lymphomas, is coded in lymph nodes (N) not distant metastasis (M). **Note 2:** UICC does not define Lymphoma Ocular Adnexa. A list of all possible Pathologic M values is provided.


Pathologic M Pathologic M Display
c0 cM0
c0I+ cM0(i+)
c1 cM1
c1A cM1a
c1B cM1b
c1C cM1c
c1D cM1d
c1E cM1e
p1 pM1
p1A pM1a
p1B pM1b
p1C pM1c
p1D pM1d
p1E pM1e
88 Not Applicable