Site-Specific Factor 24

Paget Disease


**Note 1:** Record any mention of Paget disease, whether clinical or pathologic, giving priority to the pathologic assessment. Information may be taken from the gross or microscopic section of the pathology report. Interpret a negative exam of the nipple as Paget disease not present. **Note 2:** Use code 020 when pathology report states pagetoid involvement of the nipple. * Do not use code 020 if report states pagetoid involvement of ducts or lobules **Note 3:** Use code 999 (Unknown) when no examination of the nipple, clinical or pathologic, is available in the medical record.




NAACCR #2878
Code Description
000 Paget disease absent
010 Paget disease present
020 Stated as pagetoid involvement of nipple
988 Not applicable: Information not collected for this case
999 Unknown or no information
Not documented in patient record