TNM v2.0 changes:

General Changes

  • Derived SEER Combined T and Derived SEER Combined N: the logic tables for calculating Combined T and Combined N were updated so that if RX Summ Surg/Rad Seq [1380] or RX Summ Systemic/Sur Seq [1639] = 2, 4 or 7, the patient will be considered to have received neoadjuvant therapy. 7 (Surgery both before and after therapy) has been added to the list of codes considered to be neoadjuvant therapy.
  • Field Validation tables: due to the change from fixed column formatting to XML, the validation tables for all fields were reviewed and any leading and trailing spaces were removed.

TNM v2.0 Review and Conversion:

After TNM 2.0 has been deployed, reprocess the cases diagnosed in 2016-2017

  • Recalculate the Derived SEER Combined fields

    No changes are expected in the Derived SEER Clin Stage Group, Derived SEER Path Stage Group, Derived SEER Combined M or any of the Derived SEER Combined Source fields. (This can always be applied. Calculation tables were updated. No review necessary.)