NAACCR Item #1380: RX Summ--Surg/Rad Seq

Item # Length Source of Standard Year Implemented Version Implemented Year Retired Version Retired
1,380 1 SEER/CoC

NAACCR XML: Tumor.rxSummSurgRadSeq

Alternate Names
   Radiation Sequence with Surgery (pre-96 SEER/CoC)
   Radiation/Surgery Sequence (CoC)

Codes for the sequencing of radiation and surgery given as part of the first course of treatment. See also RX Summ--Surg Prim Site [1290], RX Summ--Scope LN Surg [1292], RX Summ--Surg Oth Reg/Dis [1294], and RX Summ--Radiation [1360].


0No radiation and/or no surgery; unknown if surgery and/or radiation given
2Radiation before surgery
3Radiation after surgery
4Radiation both before and after surgery
5Intraoperative radiation
6Intraoperative radiation with other radiation given before and/or after surgery
7Surgery both before and after radiation
9Sequence unknown, but both surgery and radiation were given