NAACCR Item #1182: Lymphovascular Invasion

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Item # Length Source of Standard Year Implemented Version Implemented Year Retired Version Retired Column #
1182 1 AJCC 2010 12 1297 - 1297

NAACCR XML: Tumor.lymphVascularInvasion

Alternate Names
   Lymph-vascular Invasion
Lymphovascular invasion (LVI) indicates the presence or absence of tumor cells in lymphatic channels (not lymph nodes) or blood vessels within the primary tumor as noted microscopically by the pathologist. LVI includes lymphatic invasion, vascular invasion, and lymphovascular invasion.
Presence or absence of cancer cells in the lymphatic ducts or blood vessels is useful for prognosis. CAP Protocols for some disease sites will be expanded to distinguish between lymphatic and small vessel invasion only, venous (large vessel) invasion only, and BOTH lymphatic and small vessel AND venous (large vessel) invasion.
0 Lymphovascular Invasion stated as Not Present
1 Lymphovascular Invasion Present/Identified
2 Lymphatic and small vessel invasion only (L)
3 Venous (large vessel) invasion only (V)
4 BOTH lymphatic and small vessel AND venous (large vessel) invasion
8 Not Applicable
9 Unknown/Indeterminate/not mentioned in path report