NAACCR Item #3866: KRAS

Item # Length Source of Standard Year Implemented Version Implemented Year Retired Version Retired
3,866 1 NAACCR 2018 18

NAACCR XML: Tumor.kras


KRAS is an important signaling intermediate in the growth receptor pathway which controls cell proliferation and survival. KRAS is a protein with production controlled by the K-ras gene. When the K-ras gene is activated through mutation during colorectal carcinogenesis, production of KRAS continuously stimulates cell proliferation and prevents cell deaths. Activating mutations in KRAS are an adverse prognostic factor for colorectal carcinoma and predict a poor response to monoclonal anti-EGFR antibody therapy in advanced colorectal carcinoma.


KRAS is a Registry Data Collection Variable in AJCC. It was previously collected as Colon and Rectum CS SSF# 9.


0Normal KRAS negative, KRAS wild type Negative for (somatic) mutations, no alterations, no (somatic) mutations identified, not present, not detected
1Abnormal (mutated) in codon(s) 12, 13 and/or 61
2Abnormal (mutated) in codon 146 only
3Abnormal (mutated), but not in codon(s) 12, 13, 61, or 146
4Abnormal (mutated), NOS, codon(s) not specified
7Test ordered, results not in chart
8Not applicable: Information not collected for this case (If this information is required by your standard setter, use of code 8 may result in an edit error.)
9Not documented in medical record KRAS not assessed or unknown if assessed

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