NAACCR Item #1639: RX Summ--Systemic/Sur Seq

Item # Length Source of Standard Year Implemented Version Implemented Year Retired Version Retired
1,639 1 CoC 2006 11

NAACCR XML: Tumor.rxSummSystemicSurSeq

Alternate Names
   Systemic/Surgery Sequence

Records the sequencing of systemic therapy (RX Summ-Chemo [1390], RX Summ-Hormone [1400], RX Summ-BRM [1410], and RX Summ-Transplnt/Endocr [3250]) and surgical procedures given as part of the first course of treatment. See also RX Summ--Surg Prim Site [1290], RX Summ--Scope LN Surg [1292], and RX Summ--Surg Oth Reg/Dis [1294].


The sequence of systemic therapy and surgical procedures given as part of the first course of treatment cannot always be determined using the date on which each modality was started or performed. This data item can be used to more precisely evaluate the time of delivery of treatment to the patient.


0No systemic therapy and/or surgical procedures; unknown if surgery and/or systemic therapy given
2Systemic therapy before surgery
3Systemic therapy after surgery
4Systemic therapy both before and after surgery
5Intraoperative systemic therapy
6Intraoperative systemic therapy with other therapy administered before and/or after surgery
7Surgery both before and after systemic therapy
9Sequence unknown, but both surgery and systemic therapy given