EOD Regional Nodes


**Note 1:** Code only regional nodes and nodes, NOS in this field. Distant nodes are coded in EOD Mets. **Note 2:** For Colon and Rectum ONLY, any unnamed nodes that are removed with a colon or rectal resection are presumed to be regional pericolic or perirectal lymph nodes and are included in the EOD Regional Nodes code 300 (pericolic for sites C180 - C189, C199 and perirectal for sites C199 or C209). This site-specific instruction applies only to colon and rectum tumors and was verified with subject matter experts.
Code Description SS2018 N
000 No regional lymph node involvement NONE
300 Colon subsites - Colic, NOS - Epicolic (adjacent to bowel wall) - Mesenteric, NOS - Mesocolic, NOS - Paracolic - Pericolic Cecum (C180) - Colic (right) - Ileocolic - Periappendiceal - Prececal (anterior, NOS) - Retrocecal (posterior) Ascending colon (C182) - Colic (middle-right branch, right) - Ileocolic Hepatic flexure (C183) - Colic (middle, right) - Ileocolic Transverse colon (C184) - Colic (left, middle) Splenic flexure (C185) - Colic (left, middle) - Mesenteric (inferior) Descending colon (C186) - Colic (left) - Mesenteric (inferior) - Sigmoid Sigmoid colon (C187) - Colic (left) - Mesenteric (inferior) - Rectal (superior) (hemorrhoidal) - Rectosigmoid - Sigmoid (sigmoidal) (sigmoid mesenteric) Rectosigmoid (C199) - Mesenteric (inferior) - Mesorectal - Pericolic - Perirectal - Rectal (superior) (hemorrhoidal) - Sigmoid Rectum (C209) - Iliac (hypogastric, internal, obturator) (see EOD Mets for common, external, NOS) - Mesenteric (inferior) - Mesorectal - Perirectal - Rectal (inferior, superior) (hemorrhoidal) RN
800 Regional lymph node(s), NOS Lymph node(s), NOS RN
999 Unknown; regional node(s) not stated Regional lymph node(s) cannot be assessed Not documented in medical record Death Certificate Only U
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