EOD Primary Tumor


**Note 1:** Impaired vocal cord mobility, also described as vocal cord paresis, may suggest invasion of intrinsic laryngeal muscle. Fixation of the vocal cord may be described as immobility of the arytenoids noted on endoscopy, vocal cord paralysis, or deviation of larynx to fixed side. **Note 2:** Code 100 for localized tumor only if no information is available to identify further extension. **Note 3:** Tumor limited to the larynx (code 200) includes tumor involving, but limited to, the supraglottis, glottis and subglottis.
Code Description SS2018 T
000 In situ, intraepithelial, noninvasive IS
100 Invasive tumor confined to one subsite with normal vocal cord mobility Supraglottis - Aryepiglottic fold - Cartilage (arytenoid, corniculate, cuneiform, laryngeal, NOS) - Epiglottis (infrahyoid, laryngeal [posterior] surface of epiglottis) - Epiglottis (suprahyoid) (including tip, lingual (anterior) and laryngeal surfaces) - Epilarynx, NOS - False cords: ventricular bands/cavity/vestibular fold Confined to epiglottis, NOS Confined to supraglottis, NOS Localized, NOS L
200 Mucosa of more than one subsite of supraglottis listed in code 100 and/or glottis Limited to larynx, NOS L
250 Mucosa of - Base of tongue - Pyriform sinus (medial wall) - Vallecula RE
300 Tumor limited to larynx with vocal cord fixation L
400 Vocal cord fixation of larynx with extension to structures listed in code 250 OR Cricoid cartilage Hypopharynx, NOS Paraglottic space Postcricoid area Pre-epiglottic space Pre-epiglottic tissues RE
450 Thyroid cartilage (inner cortex) (minor erosion) D
500 For epiglottis (anterior surface, NOS) primaries only Buccal mucosa Floor of mouth Gum (gingiva) Nasopharynx Pterygoid muscle Soft palate RE
600 Thyroid cartilage (inner cortex) (inner erosion) with extension to structures in code 500 OR Esophagus Extrinsic muscle(s) of tongue - Genioglossus - Geniohyoid - Hyoglossus - Mylohyoid - Palatoglossus - Styloglossus Oropharynx, NOS Strap muscle(s) - Omohyoid - Sternohyoid - Sternothyroid - Thyrohyoid Skin Soft tissues of neck Thyroid cartilage (outer cortex, NOS) Thyroid gland Trachea D
700 Carotid artery (encased) Mediastinal structure(s) Prevertebral space Further contiguous extension For epiglottis primaries only * Anterior 2/3 of tongue * Bone * Mandible * Parotid gland D
999 Unknown; extension not stated Primary tumor cannot be assessed Not documented in medical record Death Certificate Only U
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