Esophagus (including GE junction) Squamous

Primary Site Histology Schema Discriminator 1 Schema Discriminator 2
C150-C155, C158-C159 8050-8054, 8070, 8074, 8077, 8083, 8560
C160 8050-8054, 8070, 8074, 8077, 8083, 8560 2
C150-C155, C158-C159 8020 1, 9
C160 8020 2 1, 9


C150 Cervical esophagus C151 Thoracic esophagus C152 Abdominal esophagus C153 Upper third of esophagus C154 Middle third of esophagus C155 Lower third of esophagus C158 Overlapping lesion of esophagus C159 Esophagus, NOS C160 Cardia, esophagogastric junction (EGJ) **Note 1:** The following sources were used in the development of this schema * SEER Extent of Disease 1988: Codes and Coding Instructions (3rd Edition, 1998) ( * SEER Summary Staging Manual-2000: Codes and Coding Instructions ( * Collaborative Stage Data Collection System, version 02.05: * Chapter 16 *Esophagus and Esophagogastric Junction*, in the AJCC Cancer Staging Manual, Eighth Edition (2017) published by Springer International Publishing. Used with permission of the American College of Surgeons, Chicago, Illinois. **Note 2:** Cancers involving the EGJ that have their epicenter within the proximal 2 cm of the cardia (Siewert types I/II) are to be staged as esophageal cancers (see Esophagus GE Junction schema). Cancers whose epicenter is more than 2 cm distal from the EGJ, even if the EGJ is involved, will be staged using the stomach cancer TNM and stage groupings. **Note 3:** *Schema Discriminator 1: EsophagusGEJunction (EGJ)/Stomach* is used to discriminate between EsophagusGEJunction and Stomach which are coded to ICD-O-3 code C160. **Note 4:** This schema is for squamous and adenosquamous histologies only. Adenocarcinomas and other histologies are collected in the Esophagus (including GE junction) (excluding Squamous) schema.

Data Items

Name Default Value Used for Staging NAACCR Item Required By Metadata
Year of Diagnosis <BLANK> No NAACCR #390 None
Primary Site <BLANK> Yes NAACCR #400 None
Histology <BLANK> Yes NAACCR #522 None
Behavior <BLANK> Yes NAACCR #523 None
Schema Discriminator 1 <BLANK> Yes NAACCR #3926 All SSDI
Schema Discriminator 2 <BLANK> Yes NAACCR #3927 All SSDI
Tumor Size Clinical <BLANK> No NAACCR #752 None
Tumor Size Pathological <BLANK> No NAACCR #754 None
Tumor Size Summary 999 No NAACCR #756 None
Regional Nodes Positive 99 Yes NAACCR #820 None
Regional Nodes Examined 99 No NAACCR #830 None
RX Summ Surgery/Radiation Sequence <BLANK> No NAACCR #1380 None
RX Summ Systemic/Surgery Sequence <BLANK> No NAACCR #1639 None
EOD Primary Tumor 999 Yes NAACCR #772 None
EOD Regional Nodes 999 Yes NAACCR #774 None
EOD Mets 00 Yes NAACCR #776 None
SS2018 <BLANK> No NAACCR #764 None
Grade Clinical 9 Yes NAACCR #3843 All SSDI
Grade Pathological 9 Yes NAACCR #3844 All SSDI
Grade Post Therapy <BLANK> No NAACCR #3845 CCCR/Canada
Esoph Tumor Epicenter 9 Yes NAACCR #3829 All SSDI

Initial Context

Staging Methods

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Summary Stage 2018


Additional Context
ss2018_derived = 90

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  2. ss2018_n

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  1. EOD Mets
  2. ss2018_m

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AJCC Chapter Calculation


Name Default Value Description NAACCR Item
Schema ID 00161 NAACCR #3800
Derived Version {{ctx_alg_version}} None
Derived Summary Stage 2018 9 NAACCR #762