Derived Rai Stage


This data item stores the Derived Rai stage value derived from the values coded in the following SSDIs. * Lymphocytosis (NAACCR #3885) * Adenopathy (NAACCR #3804) * Organomegaly (NAACCR #3907) * Anemia (NAACCR #3811) * Thrombocytopenia (NAACCR #3933) The Rai stage is only applicable for those cases where the primary site is bone marrow (C421). * For cases with a primary site other than bone marrow (C421), the derived Rai stage will be 8 and all the SSDIs will be coded to 5. Derivation will be run on all cases diagnosed 1/1/2018 and forward.


NAACCR #3955


Rai Code Rai Stage Description
0 0 Lymphocytosis
1 I Lymphocytosis and Adenopathy
2 II Lymphocytosis and Organomegaly (Adenopathy is any value other than 5)
3 III Lymphocytosis and Anemia (Adenopathy and Organomegaly are any value other than 5)
4 IV Lymphocytosis and Thrombocytopenia (Adenopathy, Organomegaly and Anemia are any value other than 5)
8 N/A Does not apply, Site is not C421 (All 5 SSDIs should be set to 5)
9 9 Unknown (All 5 SSDIs are 9 or blank; at least one is set to 9 OR Lymphocytosis is 0,7,9 OR Lymphocytosis is blank and one of the other SSDIs is a value other than 5 or 9)
<BLANK> Not Calculated (DCO)