FIGO Stage Placenta


**Note 1:** There must be a statement about FIGO stage from the managing physician in order to code this data item * Do **not** code FIGO stage based on the pathology report * Do **not** code FIGO stage based only on T, N, M * If "FIGO" is not included with a stated stage, then do **not** assume it is a FIGO stage **Note 2:** FIGO stage is not the same thing as FIGO grade. Only code FIGO stage in this field, do not code FIGO grade. * Code FIGO grade in the grade fields **Note 3:** If there is more than one FIGO stage provided from the clinical and pathological work up, code the most extensive FIGO stage. **Note 4:** The FIGO stage definitions do not include Stage 0 (Tis). * Code 97 for any non-invasive neoplasm (behavior /2)




NAACCR #3836


Code Description
1 FIGO Stage I
2 FIGO Stage II
3 FIGO Stage III
4 FIGO Stage IV
97 Carcinoma in situ (intraepithelial, noninvasive, preinvasive)
98 Not applicable: Information not collected for this case (If this item is required by your standard setter, use of code 98 will result in an edit error.)
99 Not documented in medical record FIGO stage not assessed or unknown if assessed