**Note 1:** This SSDI is effective for diagnosis years 2021+ * For cases diagnosed 2018-2020, leave this SSDI blank **Note 2:** Code 0 for p16 expression of weak intensity or limited distribution. **Note 3:** This data item must be based on testing results for p16 overexpression. * A statement of a patient being HPV positive or negative is not enough to code this data item * Testing for HPV by DNA, mRNA, antibody, or other methods should not be coded in this data item * Do not confuse p16 with HPV 16, which is a specific strain of virus




NAACCR #3956


SSDI 2021–
p16 Description
0 p16 Negative; Nonreactive
1 p16 Positive; Diffuse, Strong reactivity
8 Not applicable: Information not collected for this case (If this time is required by your standard setter, use of code 8 will result in an edit error)
9 Not tested for p16; Unknown
<BLANK> N/A - Diagnosis year is prior to 2021